Teaming up with lawn wizards to redesign our back yard was the best move we could have possibly made. From the design phase to the completion of the project. Lawn wizards made totally recreating our back yard seem easy and fun! after discussing our preferences, lawn wizards quickly created 2 beautiful, well thought out plans to choose from period. they were completely flexible and extremely helpful about modifying the plan to suit our specific needs. Their Knowledge of plants at all stages of growth and development and their ability to explain how it would all look was amazing- Like talking with an encyclopedia! It was very nice to be able to actually meet with one of the lawn wizards team at a nursery to pick out some of the actually trees that would go into the yard. when the day came to start digging, planting, pouring cement and making fences, my wife and I where both very pleasantly surprised at the shear efficiency of what was going on period lawn wizards brought a team of about a dozen different workers- each seemed expert in their our specialty- and all worked very well together day after day for almost a week. With a general contractor on the team, it seemed if as if they could do just about any thing- from the sidewalk to the yard to the roof top! The icing on the cake was the friendliness of the entire team. They didn't mind my endless questions and where happy to explain how this or that worked and fit into the overall scheme. I learned a lot during the week we had lawn wizards working with us. We will be teaming up with lawn wizards for all of our future yard, concrete and housing projects

David McDaniel

For years now I have always wanted a water feature so i could just sit on my patio and relax. I contacted lawn wizards to upgrade and design a new landscape for my home. Wow, was pleasantly surprised! Their team not only designed a gorgeous new landscape for my whole property, but they designed a Beautiful water fall complete with a riverbed and bridge it was a great experience working with lawn wizards through our the whole process. every one was completely professional, fast, meticulous and very knowledgeable. by the time they were through with my property, i had incredible new lush landscape full of depth and color, raised, low maintenance stone flower beds filled with an incredible mix of color , flagstone walk ways and very importantly a new, natural looking and sounding water feature. It looks like they transplanted a natural spring from a mountain side, its always refreshing to work with group of people that are honest, have integrity and know they are people you can trust. based on my experience in working with lawn wizards on this project, i can comfortable say i would recommend them to any of my friends, and i would definitely hire them again.

Bruce Thornton

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